Product packaging “Sportline“ for Bauerfeind

Submitted by: Karl Knauer KG
Product packaging “Sportline“ for Bauerfeind

Medical aids such as sports socks and shoe inserts are packaged in cleverly constructed and high-quality finished folding and sliding boxes. Through the impressive interplay of high-quality cold-foil stamping in gold and silver, the soft-touch finish for a soft feel and the UV spot coating, the product on the package is positioned as a premium product. This packaging line is impressive in terms of convenience: The innovative and visually fully integrated Eurohole suspension is produced all in one and the slide function including locking and finger holes provides easy, intuitive operation – an outstanding product presentation.

Submitter: Karl Knauer KG
Designer/Developer: Bauerfeind AG / cyclos design GmbH / Karl Knauer KG
Manufacturer: Karl Knauer KG
User: Bauerfeind AG

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Winner, Pharmaceutical & medical