Submitted by: Münster University of Applied Sciences

Jonaloop is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic apple packaging. With only one splice it creates a packaging bundle carrying the apples safely using their own weight and in a visually appealing manner. The design adapts to the visual nature and shape of the product.

Jonaloop consists to a large extent of recycled materials and can be recycled to 100%. Low manufacturing, transportation, and storage costs make Jonaloop a cheap packaging solution for small and medium-sized apple-growers.

The practical test using apples persuaded the jury that the use-value is very high. In addition, Jonaloop bridges the gap between product and brand. Sustainability, look and feel are additional features of this packaging solution.

Submitter: Jonas Dinkhoff
Designer/Developer: Jonas Dinkhoff
Educational establishment: Münster University of Applied Sciences

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Winner, Young talent