4711 Artist Edition

Submitted by: Carl Edelmann GmbH
4711 Artist Edition

In the 222nd anniversary year of 4711, a limited edition has appeared with a work of art on the packaging – refined with detailed 3D embossing. The packaging shows a mythical creature on a golden background, the other package combines Asian elements and architecture. If the packages are juxtaposed, the artworks are continued on the side walls of each of the other packages.

This collector's item refines not only the product, but also the brand itself. It fits perfectly with the brand positioning, provides sympathy and a perceived value, not only in the classical target group. This brand positioning especially, as well as the use of processing technologies have been awarded by the jury.

Submitter: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Designer/Developer: Koralie + SupaKitch
Manufacturer: Carl Edelmann GmbH
User: Cologne GmbH Köln

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Winner, Cosmetics & hygiene articles