New VFFS machine (BVC) with premiumseal-technology

Submitted by: Rovema GmbH
New VFFS machine (BVC) with premiumseal-technology

Equipped with the most modern, fully programmable and associated real-time control technology, the Zweiachs packaging machine with its monitored, reproducible and graphed functions is very user-friendly in output capacities of up to 260 B/min. Equipped with the new Premium-Seal system, for the first time multilayer seal seam packing material can be, if needed, pre-heated and then compressed for optimum tightness. This consistent fusion of various innovations and outstanding case solutions in a highly efficient overall concept unfolds potential benefits to the customer with its energy efficiency and flexibility – especially with regard to a wide range of packaging material, high process reliability and minimization of downtimes in the high power range. This versatile programmable and sensitive sealing technology can also be applied to other applications.

Submitter: Rovema GmbH
Designer/Developer: Rovema GmbH
Manufacturer: Rovema GmbH
User: Food branch

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Winner, Packaging machines (engineering and technology)