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Submitted by: California Sunset Records GmbH

ArtonVinyl is an eight-page fold-out, book-bound Mediabook in large 36 x 36 cm format. It contains two CDs, a 180g vinyl record and an elegant 24-page booklet. Thanks to this very elaborately designed audio media packaging, opening becomes a visual and tactile experience, which resulted in a nomination from the jurors. Spot varnishing, angle milled mounts and a novel vinyl mounting provide open presentation of the medium, which is unique worldwide. The ArtonVinyl has music at the fore while making visual ideas reality.

Submitter: California Sunset Records GmbH
Designer/Developer: Andreas Teichmann / California Sunset Records GmbH; Production office: Romey von Malottky
Manufacturer: Henk Hasselmann; Mediadruckwerk Gruppe GmbH