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In which category are you registering your entry?*
Please submit your entry in the category which benefits from the main innovation or where the entry has the greatest impact. If you are unsure, please check the review priorities in the various categories, which can be viewed here: Review priorities.

If you want to enter your packaging solution in a second category, this second entry is also subject to a fee.

Machine engineering, technology and software always belong to category 9 (packaging machines). Innovations by pupils, trainees and students always belong to category 10 (young talent).

The jury has the right to assign an entry to a different category if the category chosen is obviously wrong or if the change will be a benefit for the entrant.
In which category are you registering your submission?*

Designing & processing

Functionality & convenience

Product presentation

Economic efficiency


Logistics & material flow

New material


Packaging machines (engineering, technology, software)

Young talent (packaging ideas by pupils, trainees, students)

Specific information for the jury
Your information to the jury should be short and concise.
Description background:*
Requirements, objectives, market situation, areas of application: explain at this point why your entry needed to be developed. What was the focus of development? What needs to be achieved? For which market situation or areas of application? What were the main challenges? (max. 200 words)
Description of the implementation:*
In what way and why has your entry met or exceeded the above requirements? What has been optimized or innovated? What are the advantages or novel features of the solution? Which target groups benefit and how? In short: Why does your entry deserve the German Packaging Award? (max. 200 words)
What materials is your entry made of mainly?*
Please provide at least one digital product photo which we are allowed to use for brochures, website and press report in case of awarding!
(high-resolution file format, 300 dpi. Maximum size 3MB. Permitted formats: gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif, zip)
You can upload additional descriptions for assessment by the jury such as photos, graphics, presentations, patents or other documents (max. 3MB) here. Permitted formats are jpg, gif, png, tif, pdf, doc, zip.

Caution: Your entry will not be registered if the uploaded file size exceeds 3MB! Size exceeded attachments and additional explanations may be sent directly to lindenhain@verpackung.org until 26 July 2019.

Entrants in category 8 (packaging machines) should be sure to attach explanations of key technical and technological performance factors.
Product samples, mock-ups, etc.
All product samples must be sent to Reinbek until 24th July 2020. You will get the delivery address with the confirmation.
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You can read the terms and conditions of participation here.
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When you have filled in all required fields, click 'send'. The 'reset' button permanently deletes all information given so far.

Attention! Depending on the size of the attachment/files sent, the form may take several minutes to be transmitted. Do not stop the process, but wait until the form disappears and the message appears confirming that the transmission has been successfully completed. Thank you.