Submitted by: Schur Flexibles Group

We can hardly imagine retail shelves without thermoformed packaging. However, recycling is often difficult or impossible due to the different types of plastic from which thermoformed packaging is made. This new kind of thermoformed packaging has the desired properties such as transparency, strength, barrier properties and back closure using only one polyolefin mono material. In the film cover in particular a special production process minimises frequent tearing, meaning the consumer can re-close the packaging. The resealable packaging can therefore be used for recycling and combines a high-quality material in addition to consumer friendliness and ideal product protection. An important step towards a sustainable economic cycle.

Submitter: Max Wolfmaier
Designer: Irene Pfundner & Carla Blumenröther
Developer: Max Wolfmaier
Manufacturer: Schur Flexibles Group

NH-37529_FlexiClose_re__01.jpg34 K

Sustainability, Winners Gold Award