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Fold me, brew me, squeeze me tea

Submitted by: University of Trier
Falt mich, zieh mich, drück mich Tee

The submission is an innovative packaging solution for tea lovers. On the one hand, it stores teabags, on the other hand it squeezes them. The concept works without additional material expenses by means of a clever interplay of the materials, so that ordinary tea bags become this attractive new packaging solution. The concise name of the concept fully describes what it does: “fold me, brew me, squeeze me tea”: fold its paper envelope – pull the teabag into the envelope by the thread – squeeze – done!

Submitter, designer, developer: Victoria Iskam
Educational institution: University of Trier

NW-38620_Falt_mich__zieh_mich__drück_mich_Tee_01.jpg2.6 M

Young talent (students, trainees, students)