Bo Food® Organic

Submitted by: Epple Druckfarben AG
Bo Food® Organic

Food safety is an important topic in the packaging industry. The composition of the printing inks that come into direct contact with food without a physical barrier is also significant. The print inks used in the packaging exclusively come from constituents which could also be present in food itself.

BoFood® Organic offset inks series is toxicologically harmless, has low migration both short- and long-term and meets all statutory printing requirements for food primary packaging.

It also eliminates the swelling effect (wrinkling or curling of the film) and includes an abrasive solid organic dispersion coating for non-painted carton/box insides, which is also made out of 100% food ingredients and/or food additives.

Epple Druckfarben AG printing inks thus take the already low migration inks a step further, achieving completely safe inks and opening up new opportunities for printing films and folding cartons.

Submitter: Epple Druckfarben AG
Designer: Clormann Design GmbH
Manufacturer: Egger Druck + Medien GmbH

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