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Presentation of goods

Hexagonal lighthouse display (DABSO SA – Fisherman’s Friend)

Submitted by: Model AG
Hexagonal lighthouse display (DABSO SA – Fisherman’s Friend)

The lighthouse design picks up the maritime reference of the “Fisherman’s Friend” brand. The large number of side openings in the display allows the product to be offered in a variety of flavours. The display’s upper storage space, the lighthouse viewing platform, offers individual portions as a sample. Its modular structure makes the packaging easy to transport and handle, offering particularly good stability. The space-saving display also serves as transport packaging. The appealing design, the maritime theme and strong brand communication makes the packaging stand out at the POS. It is completely recyclable and can be personalised using digital printing.

Submitter: Iris Brugger, Model AG
Developer: Michael Grasberger, Model AG
Manufacturer: Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland

WP-37784_Sechseckiges_Leuchtturm-Display_01.jpg1.3 M

Presentation of goods